Our Projects

Il macro progetto prevede diversi obiettivi sul territorio che vede coinvolti tre comuni: Meduno, Travesio e Sequals.

Hiking trails

  • Enhance the hiking trails of Monte Valinis in a sustainable way, taking care of their maintenance through collaboration with experienced “local volunteers” and placing tables, wooden benches and baskets for separate collection in strategic points. In a subsequent phase it is intended to affix plaques with the names of tree species at the most relevant wooded points and create a signage network of routes and information points.
  • Promote the Way of St. Christopher

  • Develop new paths walking on our territory.

Fly Card

Strengthen and regulate flight tourism by proposing, to flight and non-flight sportsmen, a dedicated “FLY CARD” obtainable through the payment of a minimum annual fee.

This purchase will allow the use of a series of services:

  • Transfer service to the summit of Mount Valinis
  • Information services for the entertainment of the family members of the sportsman
  • Use of promotions at the participating activities
  • Vision of the weather via web cam placed at the summit and landing

In addition, joining the Fly Card allows the purchase of a tree to be planted on Mount Valinis dedicated to the card member according to a planting plan in agreement with the forestry corps.

Services Development

Create through the cooperative a “network” of services to support members and communities by increasing human capital with new hires and / or with the contribution of volunteer staff regarding in particular cleaning and transport services and green maintenance.

Events Promotion

  • Promote events, meetings and combined flight/bike tours in collaboration with local associations and companies that can also be used by the local community.
  • Development of the tourist offer, in the spaces of the participating structures and exercises, through different types of active experience linked to the characteristics of the territory and its human and cultural resources, such as The educating forest, workshops with the artisans of the country, the Orthoreboratorium.



The Community Cooperative was born from the need to enhance the natural heritage of the territory, to support and encourage the activities present in the territory and to promote our local traditions in the field of art, crafts and food and wine.